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To help connect mates and communities, we’ve joined forces with Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), in a three year partnership. Our aim is to encourage conversations, inspire people to look out for each other and be there to provide support when needed. We hope this partnership can help normalise what to some people might feel like tricky conversations about mental health and spread awareness of CALM’s support services.

As part of our partnership, we are launching a new social campaign called Caring. campaign This will begin with a series of Caring Team Talks. Football has always been part of our DNA, and at a time when matches are postponed we want to take Team Talks from famous football faces that would usually happen in the changing rooms and bring them into the living room as a way to motivate those at home to look out for one another. We hope our Team Talks can aid the mental wellbeing of people across the country using the common ground of football. It’s important to keep talking about what we’re going through and to know that there’s somebody on our team when we need them, even if we can’t physically be there for each other.


To find out more about CALM, how we’re supporting them and our long term partnership,