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Our Drinks

OUR Drinks

At Carling we’re proud to have a wide range of products that give you the pints we’re proud of, all with that great refreshing taste. 

background-image:url(/sites/carlingrevamp/files/2019-08/Original.png ) Original

Original Lager

background-image:url(/sites/carlingrevamp/files/2019-08/Original_0.png ) Premier

Premier Lager

background-image:url(/sites/carlingrevamp/files/2019-01/3.png ) apple

Carling Apple Cider

background-image:url(/sites/carlingrevamp/files/2019-01/4.png ) Banner

Black Fruits Cider

Made Local

Made Local Your Stories

Discover the stories celebrating those who are Made Local
Made Local Fund

Made Local Fund

Apply to the fund and we will help some of you make the most of your story.